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  1. Lasura
    Ray no looking at sexy pics!!! Especially not at that gay guy!!! :P He's miiine!!!!
  2. solking
    my picture is sexy since its the only time in the entire game you see her cleavage.
  3. ketaro
    C'mon kiddies, kitties are sexy too you know. Look at me for instance i am a sexy kitty =^_^=
  4. Lasura
    kitties are not sexy, kitties are cute you are cute too not sexy, why do men find it so hard to accept?
  5. iluvmyloser
    Oh yeah Ketaro your very sexy >.>.....

    Anywaysssssss Whats up people?
  6. Lasura
    Nothing much.. just got out of shower and am lazy to get in my clothes... Hmmm did I really just say something.... s e x y? O.o And whats up ion your side iluv?
  7. ketaro
    yay, finally someone acknowledges kitty is sexy =^_^=

    Here have 10+ internets iluvmyloser
  8. Lasura
    She had a >.> facy! She was being ironic! Don't get all arrogant here now, ok? Kitty cute not sexy. Can you post videos here? I have one which will prove kitty is cute ^^ I guess I should upload it on youtube somewhen soon
  9. iluvmyloser
    l0l i Think kitty is sad now. 0H Yeah and i was being sarcastic. =] Hehe sorry. Think what you want ok? And Lasura, beware of the "Boys" Lol. No..sereously....beware.
  10. mahiru
    ...*gives everyone a daily dose of sexiness just by appearing*

    Yupp, that's right
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