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  1. SasuraiHell
    i've have invites in the past when clans re-opened but i announced i wouldn't be joining any.., im just missing the love :P

    this time change is also kicking my ass..., i've never felt so awake at 4am....
  2. lapislazuli
    Time change sucks. But I have some time left before that. About a week. Damn, I don't want that week to pass.
  3. Soshi Kitai
    My time change: Set every clock an hour ahead no matter what the real time is.
    ...that way, it's always a relief to know it's not 8:00pm, it's really 7:00pm.

    Even after you get used to it, it's a comforting thing.
  4. lapislazuli
    Hell! I do it exactly the same way. I love it. Really. It automatically lowers my stress level these days.
    Damn, already 00:10? Ah, wait, no ...
  5. Abu Dhabi
    Abu Dhabi
    ^_^ i adopted the same strategy as Soshi~! now i'm never as late as i think i am~!
  6. Shinku no kage
    Time change sucks~!!!! Its just an excuse for people to show up late for work and/or school. A whole bunch of people came in an hour late at work...they just "happened" to conveniently "forget" about it. I'd probably have done the same but I just got my final warning for my attendance problems and the fact I'm on probation...eheheheh...heh. (-_^);;

    *Goes back to his corner to play his PSP*
  7. Legend
    Wow shinku, you sure have a lot of nerves having attendance issues when people are losing jobs left and right lol.
  8. Pyro Psycho
    Agreed! I'm still looking for a job myself, le sigh. It all so sucks, so very much.
  9. Legend
    lol I'm in no positiion to judge though, I wanna get fired.
  10. Cinlilly
    xD Why would you want to get fired instead of just quit.

    I need to find a job closer to home. I swear I'm using half my paycheck for gas money in the end. x_X Ridiculous.

    @Time change: FIE. DD:

    @ Sasurai: :3 well in that case, I'm super glad you accepted. ;D
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