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  1. Pyro Psycho
    Yea, just put in a two weeks notice, don't want to get a bad reputation from that job if you just get fired.
  2. Cinlilly
    v Exxaaaccctttllyyy.

    Also, Pyro, did you see my post about my resolution? I don't think you did. xD; It's 1280x1024. c:
  3. Pyro Psycho
    Oh yea, I never saw it xD;; What wallpaper did you want resized?
  4. Soshi Kitai
    Well if you get fired, don't you get great severance package?
  5. Shinku no kage
    LOL, yeah...well I dont really care either ways about my job. Do I need it? Mostly yes, but do I care enough of the job enough to work hard to keep it? Nope. But a part of me thinks that getting fired will get me to look for a better job. Still dreaming on finding that anime/game/manga related translation job to fall into my lap.


    *goes back to HimeyaShop.com to think harder on pre-ordering some more PSP games* >Xd
  6. Cinlilly
    @ Pyro: X3 I wanted all three. But if not, then just the last one.

    @Shinku: Don't worry lol. We'll find our dream jobs someday.
  7. Legend
    No, because when you quit after the company took the time to train you you feel like a theif and traitor to your department. BUT, if they fired you, then you can say it's you who dumped me. lol

    Severance package I doubt would be a big one since I work here less than a year anyways...I've been working almost full time since sophomore year in college, so I've saved enough to finish school. I just love money otherwise I rather be at home gaming and watching anime.
  8. Pyro Psycho
    Sounds awesome to me legend, and alright!
    My dream job is graphic design, right now trying to reach the short dream of being a drafting engineer er xD

    @ Cinlily: Alright then! I'll pm them to you!
  9. Soshi Kitai
    Ah translation jobs...
    You can always do independent translation jobs.
    There's always people online trying to find people to translate animes and manga for 'em.

    My ol' "community group" leader used to do that, but eventually stopped when her other independent job got in the way...
    ...and then the other one got in the way...
    ...and then the non-profit one got in the way...
    ...and then we tried to turn it into a profit...
    ...but no one in the team was showing any initiative, despite the fact I already had my side done...
    ...and we kept holding it off...
    ...and it kept going in circles...
    ...and then a few months later, I realized how pointless all that was and left.

    ................... what a waste of time all that was.... never again. >:-(
  10. Legend
    @pyro: lol yeah, they can be like "michael, you're fired." and I'll say "thank you " *hugs*

    Yeah shinku, you can do translation for dirty movies and doujins.
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