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  1. Legend
    sup guys

    @solking: got it man, deep inhalation. Have trouble laughing though o_o lol
  2. RayMe
    (Lasura) ( Nothing much.. just got out of shower and am lazy to get in my clothes... Hmmm did I really just say something.... s e x y )

    hummanahummanahummanahummanahummanahummanahummanah ummanahummanahummanahummanahummanahummanahummanahu mmanahummanahummanahummanahummana

    Lets see... how do i be sexy too?? any ideas guys?
  3. ketaro
    well Ray you could wear a kitty suit and meow like a kitty ^_^
  4. Lasura
    O.o eeeek! Ketaro don't give such ideas to my sexy man
  5. iluvmyloser
    *Falls from laughter at Lasu's comment*......OK. =] IM sleepy only slept for 3 hours ..i cant go to sleep...
  6. ketaro
    aww, i am so sorry Lasura. I'll make sure not to do it again. However, you and i don't really know if Ray is into that stuff. I mean what if he is ^_^
  7. solking
    @Legend: It comes naturally you can't force the laugh. Last time I remember laughing at someone saying "I smoke aluminum!"

    Don't do drugs kids...

    I should get a kitty suit.
  8. Ochi Gate
    Ochi Gate
    Ah, sorry Iv'e not benn around so much lately. I havent been to a computer in a while.....
  9. Legend
    @solking: I just fall back to normal state a lot faster than my friends, that's all.

    @Rayme: You wanna be sexy right? Come out the shower no towel let it air dry.

    I assume you never heard that song before
  10. Sazuka
    Aw look I found a picture of Ketaro.
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