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  1. EmoNightmareRose
    i loved it..i'm momentarily obsessed with ozymandias
  2. Abu Dhabi
    Abu Dhabi
    ... i ALWAYS have to go during the movie...

    >_< but they sell Mr Pibb!! and i get the small!

    so usually i just hold it... or wait for Soshi to tell me to go, cuz he's got good movie sense!

    ^o^ not during Watchman though! didn't have any soda before~
    awesome movie, btw! what happened in the film was terrible but it was still a good film~
  3. Soshi Kitai
    Hey Legend, what's with the blue-haired girl?
    ...the size of her chest points to the idea that she's gonna' have some back problems in the future.

    Though I suppose the correct "man response" is: "It's okay if she lies down..."
  4. Cinlilly
    I'm so starving.
  5. Sazuka
    I'm making an oven pizza.

    Oh Mr. P.
  6. EmoNightmareRose
    lol..i'm short so thats what i tell women....
    but seriously, legend where do u find your pics?
  7. lapislazuli
    Google -> Image results. :P
  8. Legend
    huh that's a weird link you put up lapis, I gotta check it out again when I get home. What the heck is that anyways?
  9. lapislazuli
    Some kinda website. :P It makes these funny pre-made google searchs.
    http://en.lmgtfy.com/ (lmgtfy = let me google that for you)
    Type what you want to be searched, the site creates you the url for it. Then simply copy paste that url. Like I did with "Blue hair girl".
    btw, laps is enough. <3
  10. Cinlilly
    xD Oh wow that's awesome.
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