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  1. Legend
    I know, nice titties huh Cin?
  2. Cinlilly
    Oh I know, I'd definitely tap that, y'know.
  3. Shinku no kage
    ...you and your super hot pics Legend.

    BTW: Loving your new avy Sazuka. <3

    *goes back to spend his money on more games and manga before buying the car*
  4. Legend
    @shinku, seems to me you don't like women? xP

    @Cinlilly: so you'll tap it but would you dip it? smack it? etc?
  5. Cinlilly
    Christ I'm pissed. blah blah
  6. Shinku no kage
  7. Cinlilly
    ... I need to do my research paper.
  8. Legend
    go shop for a car online
  9. Shinku no kage
    ...hmm, that reminds me, I should start on my take home mid-term test. I mean, its due...last week!? Woops

    I found a car, getting it tomorrow. Well technically my old man found the car, told the dealership that we'll take it, and told me when I got back from work...yay~. (-_-) Than again I could really care less, a car is a car.

    For now I'm just shopping for more goods before I use up all my tax refund on the car. Getting the new illustration book of one of my favorite illustrators: BUNBUN. To add on I'm thinking of pre-ordering the "ToraDora!" PSP game...hmmmm
  10. Legend
    Oh what car is it?
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