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  1. Shinku no kage
    Derrr....*looks for the note* Ah, a....Chevrolet Tracker....I thinx? I atleast hoped that it'd be red but its not. T^T
  2. Shinku no kage
    LOL, lookie what I found on Danbooru:
  3. Legend
    I love all the back and forth between Yuki and Asakura.
  4. Shinku no kage
    ...(o.O) Oh? You've actually been watching "Haruhi-chan"!? And yes, the back and forth between Yuki+Achakura is gold.

    ...aaaaannnd, DONE. Just bought me the BUNBUN Illustrations artbook with a couple of new games. Now I am officially done shopping for the months of March+April...for now.*Dum dum Duuunnn*
  5. Legend
    yeah, I actually found the shorts more enjoyable than the series.

    "hey kid, don't make the same mistakes I make"
    "....*salutes*" haha
  6. Shinku no kage
    True, it seems that Haruhi-chan is just as popular as the original. Perhaps it is due to its comical storyline and cute character designs along with the "gap" between the characters' personalities between the two series.

    LOLS, just realized that I kinda criticized myself: "Dum dum Duuunnn" = "Dumdum done". >XD

    ...well since I gots my shopping done I'm done for the night, I REALLY need to get my test done soon. -_-;;;

  7. Abu Dhabi
    Abu Dhabi
    Shinku is a shopaholic too!

    ^o^ i might get the tiny Tsukasa nendoroid with mah next pay check! then on to the short film!
  8. Cinlilly
    @ Shinku: lol take home mid-term test? I'd kill to have one of those. Easy grade, hell yes. Also, that's the best gif ever. xD
  9. Soshi Kitai
    Take home tests are the best.

    ...no wait, online classes are the best.


    Wish I had an online class this semester...
  10. Legend
    Anyone else up on Cinlilly v. Aceman feud?
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