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  1. EmoNightmareRose
    yes, I know I look like a girl, lol. Not fun to live with, but it turns out many girls in my area tend to like that, so its all good, I don't take offense.

    And I wouldn't exclaim the Ozymandias thing as a man crush, but more of a hero. I read Watchmen when I was 10 and from the start he was my favorite, and inspired me. Same with James Dean, Sean Connery, and Achillles. So when the movie came out I was pretty psyched by his redux. Not to mention he could be a pretty funny character at times..

    And true, coming from an anime forum...surrounded by fangirls....and of Watchmen the 'possible homosexual'......i get what ya guys mean.

    But damn...if I could've picked my user name it would've been something cool...I don't even like emo stuff that much...
  2. Legend
    *reads the last several comments about emo and has a quick chuckle at work*
  3. Cinlilly
    Way to put in your two cents, Legend.


    If you don't know what I'm talking about, then FIE on YOU.
  4. Pyro Psycho
    @ Cinlily: I never said that :l
    I said something about Emo talking about him a lot and Emo being a wittle too on the subject with Ace ^^ Don't get me killed >.>
  5. Shinku no kage
    *Comes back from the movies*

    Pheh, "Knowing" wasnt that good....but it wasnt bad either. Now, "Dragon Ball: Evolution"? Better to gouge your eyes out. It KILLED the DB series for me...orz
  6. Legend
    i dont even know why people go to see DB thinking there'll be some miracle...or maybe you were just there to check out that hot asian actress huh
  7. Abu Dhabi
    Abu Dhabi
    i'm going to see a train wreck, i dunno what everyone else is expecting~

    ^o^ and i pissed off radeclew, so now he keeps hanging around my profile like that weird guy that hangs around at the Taco Bell near my house with the weird head wound...
  8. EmoNightmareRose
    i probably know who you're talking about.(Pasadena taco bell?) So me and radeclew have this bet. I say I can make $800 bucks an hour being a giglolo and he says I'd only make about $10. And he said it'd only be gay guys and old women. I beg to differ. I bet I can get a bunch of girls from Cal State, and from Cal Tech. =D. who's side are you guys on?
  9. Legend
    yours, since i called radeclew a loser this morning lol and he found out
  10. EmoNightmareRose
    heheh! yeah! Eat that radeclew! I'm 1 manwhore!...
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