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  1. Gekkou
    Thanks for invite!
    But but im not sexy! O_o' *shiver*
  2. iluvmyloser
    OOOoooooH!! A SEXY CLUB lol ^-^. Who invited me o.O. ANyWays. Hi people =].
    What's up?
  3. Ochi Gate
    Ochi Gate
    I was apperantly invited as well. oh well.
    so now i am assimilated! (without the weird robotic parts...)
  4. ketaro
    Wow! i am like in shocked, i mean to be considered a hot looking
    young lad its not something you come across everyday. Thanks for the invitation whoever sent it ^^
  5. Legend
    Where's aya kun??!! xD

    Len is old, how did he get in??
  6. iluvmyloser
    Legend..you shouldn't say things like that *sniff* xD lol .
  7. ketaro
    Heheh iluvmyloser, legend is just jealous of the old men's goo appeal, amirite Legend?
  8. RayMe
    @.@ uuu... ao's sexiest.. nice Thx for inviting me ya'all ^^
  9. ketaro
    hehehe who invited Ray to this party??? just kidding man, welcome have fun and enjoy your stay ^^
  10. Legend
    What's a goo appeal?? Does it have anything to do with Len singing "I'm too sexy for my face"?
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