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  1. Legend
    Wassup Cinlilly, haven't seen you in days.

    @Hold Me: If that's true, then I'm the "durtiest" man alive...that's my job hahaha
  2. solking
    most oversea cargo shipments tend to be in air tight containers so there is a good chance of me freezing and suffocating.
  3. Ochi Gate
    Ochi Gate
    no, freezing and suffocating would be a bad way to bo, but methinks not as bad as burning to death......

    but it just cost too much to travel anymore, you know? and i still dont understan why its cheaper to send a 300 pound box of metal someplace, but its illegal to send a box with a person inside with sandwiches and bottles of water! and the only legal way to do it it way more expensive!

    sorry, im making no sense, but i've ben pent up in my house for too long.....
  4. Lasura
    Nah, Ochi Gate, you make some good sence, I totally agree, it would be so cool if I could ship myself to Malaysia... and much cheaper, I've tried all air plane websites and the cheapest way to flay there I've found is for 2000 pounds >.< geee...

    And you can take some oxigen masks and oxigen in the box!!!! ^^
    And I duntknow why someone would not want to come to UK, it totally rocks!!!!!!!! ^^

    Oh yah and hi sexy people! ^^ How is everything?
  5. RayMe
    xD Whoo! Ship me illegally to UK!!

    Oh my... dirtiest man alive? I want to be that too!!! @.@
  6. Lasura
    Nah, neither Legend nor you can ever be :P we could try and make a tournament of sexyness and dirtyness...
  7. RayMe
    gee... I bet i'll lose in both.. hehe sad.. *pieglausties to Lasura*
  8. Lasura
    Even if you lose it duntmean your not sexy my sexy *cumbuan*
  9. iluvmyloser
    ANOTHER CAT PICTURE!!!!!! OH look this time hes even looking at porn on the internet..

  10. Sazuka
    Aw that's me moderating AO.
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