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  1. Legend
    ay carumba this place is dead.
  2. Cinlilly
    lol you really think so?

    But yeah I've been sorta busy lately with school. *11th* Finals and such.

    On the bright side: school's almost out. T_T yay.
  3. Legend
    Yeah it seems that some schools are still not out.

    But this place is dead, it got choked to death by all the rules
  4. Cinlilly
    I can't wait until I'm on summer. It'll be great.

    I think that you (people in general) either fit the rules or you don't fit the rules. I, fantastically, fit the rules perfectly. Thus, I have no problems. And I like the rules- albeit they were a little tough at first to remember, lol. And now I'm a COM member and my avvy changed. X3 I'm so happy about that. No more predetermined picks.
  5. ryomakurosaki
    I still want to know why I was invited!! I am soo not sexy!! XDDDD
  6. Legend
    Do you have to work during summer?

    EDIT: There we go, a non-cat picture. Absolutely love this pic, and no I dont have mental issues.
  7. solking
    I just got back from the beach. Summer is gonna be good. Now only if Sazzy were here...
  8. Lasura
    @ solking: Awwww.... how cute and sexy in one message.

    And AO's rulles are ok People are busy? Well I sure was busy all the time, but now when school is gone ^^ yay!!!!
  9. ketaro
    So are there any of you guys getting a job over the summer?
  10. Lasura
    Has anyone seen Ray today? He's not answering to texts... *scratches head* I'm so worried... geee....

    Never mind that one ^^ He was just a bit ill and was sleeping half the day ^^ He'll be ok, if someone wannts to know. Just ate too much durian >.<
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