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  1. Cinlilly
    XD AWESOME, Legend, way to step up from the rest.

    Annnd I'm in search for another job. >`_'< I can't find one though so I can't quit yet. I'll probably be working well into the summer if I can't find another job.

    ): and I has not seen Ray around. Sorry, Lasura.
  2. iluvmyloser
    SCHOOL'S OUT!!!!!! People got me wet though, the threw water balloons at me . lol
  3. Legend
    Well I have been working for the last few years, so I don't really know what vacation is. x_x

    Lasura, maybe Ray just wanna watch some porn and have some "me" time. hahaha Ray(me)
  4. Lasura
    lol I already said I found Ray and he wasn't watching porn... this time

    My school has been finnished for two weeks now, I just go and do exams!
  5. Legend
    I would have to temporary change my icon to Yamamaya to counteract Ketaro's biting cat!
  6. Lasura
    nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! *weeeps* waaaah! More cats!!!!!! I can't stand it any more!!!!!! I wanna bite something!!!!!!! *attacks Ray's arm*

    geee... must find some sexy pics to replce those cats...
  7. Legend
    Just make sure you don't attack Ray's "porn arm"
  8. RayMe
    Ahhh!!! Ouch... hey... *pokes Lasura* What have i told you about biting

    Sorry guys... been sick ^^ lol... *burps* excuse me... ~.~ sheesh it smells like durians.. i ate too many of them... *lies on bed* ~.~ *sighs*
  9. Cinlilly
    I'm still sick, too. -_- It's so annoy ing.
  10. Lasura
    @ Legend: Another good joke!!!! ^^ I indeed must be careful with his "porn arm", what in the hell will he do without it in this long distance relationship?

    @ Ray: No more durian for you!!!!! At least don't eat too much of it.
    I still don't understand how you can get so sick from fruit!!!!!!! >.<

    And what have you told me bout biting? O.o do more? *bites Ray's cheek playfully*

    @ Cinlily: Awww... I'm sorry... I hope you get well soon
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