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  1. Abu Dhabi
    Abu Dhabi
    ^_^ yeah, that's in the Chino area... SUPER SUCKS
  2. Soshi Kitai
    Careful of your sentences Shinku, you make it sound like every kid in SoCal suffered from that problem.--making people generalize California schools even moreso.

    ...as a former student of SoCal, and current college student of SoCal - I often am puzzled as to how many non-Californian states claim that being a student from Cali makes you dumber than other state-students.

    NoCal students are especially offended at this generalization since NoCals and SoCals don't get along. ...mediocre/intelligent SoCal students are offended for being assumed as such. ... and NoCals being generalized into the same statistic as SoCals, pisses 'em off.
  3. Abu Dhabi
    Abu Dhabi
    ( ^o^)/ and it was an option for the kids to attend or not, and the parents think it's equally stupid~

    could give the details~ but dunno if people care~
  4. Shinku no kage
    ...hey, I did say "a few schools", not all of them. >Xd

    On a random note, does anyone here play the "Monster Hunter" series on the PSP? I wanna know if its any good seeing how a lot of people are making a hype about it, especially in Japan. Wanna know if I should get the new one that just came out.

    ~*strolls off*
  5. Abu Dhabi
    Abu Dhabi
    ^_^ it is a solid game, there is not one thing lacking from it!! or at least that's what Soshi says~

    we're highly anticipating the Monster Hunter 3 on the Wii cuz it will have multi-player~
  6. Cinlilly
    X_x Sorry for being gone for so long everyone. I was busy this passed weekend and I'm going on vacation for a few weeks and there's no computer or internet. :/

    <3 BE GOOD. I'll see ya when I get back. c:
  7. ketaro
    Hey kiddies, your daddy is back so welcome me.

    Well, i registered to NVCC awhile ago and Ill be Majoring in Information Technologies whilst Minoring in English just for the heck of it.

    What have you all been up to?

  8. Francis
    Well, hullo there, ketaro. I'm the new guy. Well, kinda, it's been one month or two, I dunno, since I signed up.

    Where's NVCC at?
  9. Shinku no kage
    @Abu+Soshi: Thanks for the info on Monster Hunters....its in consideration now. >


    "BLOOD - The Last Vampire" is a live action movie now? DAMN YOU HOLLYWOOD~!!!! Leave our anime alone. (._.) Oh wait...it actually doesnt seem to be as horrible as "Dragon Ball"...but guess I'll have to see to believe.
  10. Abu Dhabi
    Abu Dhabi
    ^o^ awesome news, Ketaro~
    <-- considered being an English major, but never actually decided

    no prob Shinkz~
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