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  1. EmoNightmareRose
    Did anyone see the group for Adam Lambert fangirls? WTF? I thought our groups serve a purpose...half of them should be deleted..seriously..
  2. Soshi Kitai
    75% of them should be deleted for inactivity!

    Geez, some of them no one's been in for a year... >.>
  3. Cinlilly
    Yay internet chance! I didn't think I've have any.

    @Shinku: O_O I saw that commercial last night and omg I'm gonna watch the anime AND movie. c:

    @Emo: Funny you should mention Adam Lambert... >__> There's this girl user here (some lambert555 somethin' or other) that requested incorrectly (sent a profile message instead private message) to join our group and I think she's lying about who she is... :/ I looked up her boyfriend's vampirefreaks homepage because the link was at the bottom of a pic of his... and I'm pretty sure a hottie that's like 22, who's name is Andy and NOT "Noah", brazilian, doesn't have pic of this lambert555 chick anywhere in his friends or personal pics, and claims to not be looking for a relationship... is going out with a 15 year old girl from ohio |:...

    >_> Yeah.. this is why.. this group is invite only.. ;X Sorry lambert55555 chick. <3
  4. Shinku no kage
    Perhaps on my next day off I shall clean the social group section myself. (honestly I'd like to restart "the order of the black knights" myself)

    Like I've been saying for a while, we need to get rid of recent noobs as apparently none of them have brains. >
  5. EmoNightmareRose
    hmmm vampirefreaks...Half the people on there are so fake. I mean I've been across at least 10 profiles that are the exact same picture, but different ethnicities, ages and sexuality. And guess who has to do salutes to not get banned? Me!
    pisses me off.
  6. Soshi Kitai
    Attention all AX09 go-ers: Please be respectful in Little Tokyo.

    =_= Abu n' I were at Little Tokyo, and watched most AX09 go-ers scare off and annoy the locals.

    Please, if you have any respect for the culture, respect them by being polite, quiet, and kind.
    ..........don't go shouting in Kino-f***-ing-Kuniya!!!!!!!

    I know they overprice their CDs, but it's still a damn bookstore! SHHHHH!!!!
  7. Abu Dhabi
    Abu Dhabi
    ^_^ i like curry. yes i does.
  8. Cinlilly
    I really wish I could monitor the pics you guys upload to this group lol..
  9. Shinku no kage
    I can, any pics in particular you want to get rid of?
  10. zyta
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