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  1. RayMe
    sheesh.. whats wrong with u girl? : /

    I know.. i hate headache... i can't even think with the beeping in my head

    Lol silly.. porn hands.. sheesh... so sad...

    @Lasura: Hehehe silly gal *buca hard*
  2. Lasura
    Yah, and you make your gf very, very worried Ebil guy!
  3. Legend
    Well too much of anything can make ppl sick. Besides, durian is considered to be a "cool" (direct translation of a chinese term) fruit so eat with moderation.
  4. Lasura
    Why "cool" if it makes your body temperature rise to levels that yor body can't stand? O.o

    And not that sick man
  5. Legend
    Well you can't really take the term literally. Basically you want balance, not too "cool" not too "hot". Fried food, fast food, would be considered "hot", too much of that and you get the breakouts and the occasional self-tongue biting.
  6. Lasura
    It was supposed to be a joke ~.~ :P Cool has other meanings too... a pun you know? naa? ok, don't mind me
  7. Legend
    Boy did I just get played x_x lol

    Oh well, if you want your boy to have kids better tell him lay off the durian
  8. ketaro
    All i see is you kiddies talking about porn and some fruit called durian, are they both connected in any way?
  9. Lasura
    O.o Ok how can a fruit be connected to porn? *has dirty images in head* oh like that *nods* *shakes head* ok, that never happened...

    And I did tell him that, but he answered he's not addicted to it... ok he got sick from a fruit! Wouldn't that be some kind of a sign of overeatin? O.o
  10. ketaro
    Well, i get the sense that it is since all you guys have talked about its porn and durian.
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