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  1. Shinku no kage
    Nice. (>w<) I'm a tad bit of a Miku fan myself, rather a fan of the illustrator KEI, got the KEI Illustration book and the unofficial Hatsune Miku comic by KEI. I even got the PSP Hatsune Miku game...that I'm gonna pick up tomorrow. (I'd haven gotten it on the 4th but...its the 4th)
  2. Cinlilly
    Bah there's a whole bunch I have to look through and I don't have the time to now on vacation. Maybe when I get back.
  3. Abu Dhabi
    Abu Dhabi
  4. Shinku no kage
    FINALLY!!! I dont know if I've just been uninformed or if it happened recently but "Eureka 7" complete collection set is now out!!!...well, PART 1 of it atleast. ^^; The first 26eps on 6 discs, got it for about $30 at Best Buy, sweet deal.

    I dont know what it is about the genre but I cant get enough of the "boy that leads a timid, boring life encounters mysterious girl with giant robot(s)", it just gets to me. LOL

    I love the episode when Renton meets Charles and Ray.*cries*

  5. Abu Dhabi
    Abu Dhabi
    *yawn* how was everyone's day today? anything new?
  6. Cinlilly
    @Shinku: Omg that issss a sweet deal. I've always wanted that. Note to self: Best Buy. ;D And omfg I love how all the characters go through dynamic changes throughout the anime. <333 PS: <3 Charles and Ray, too.
  7. Shinku no kage
    It is indeed a sweet deal. I stayed up til the early morning watching the DVD set...well worth the loss of sleep though. So glad that it covered all the eps up to where Renton met Charles and Ray, otherwise I'd have been disappointed. I cant help but cry during those couple episodes that Renton is with them.

    Just obsessing over my newly acquired PSP game, "Hatsune Miku -Project Diva". I pre-ordered it back in March and just got it earlier this week. \(^_^)/ I must say that it was well worth the wait and that also SEGA has completely redeemed themselves in my mind. The graphics are...STUNNING and the music? Well it is a "music rhythm" genre game so ofcourse its great. 30+ songs of awesome creators + Hatsune Miku as the vocal.

    FYI: "Hatsune Miku" is a voice synthesis program, so basically you can have her sing anything. Though I've seen a LOT of people saying that handling the program is EXTREMELY hard and time consuming...making these successful people seem even more godly. I bet that most people here might have atleast viewed one vid starring Miku on YouTube or elsewhere.

    The game offers some awesome features: Screenshot function (OK, not that great...but to me it is quite fun) and Custom Rhythm Edit, which you can actually take any MP3 and put it on the memory stick than use it in the game to create your own rhythm stage, thus allowing hardcore users of the game to never put their PSPs down. LOLS

    Miku is certainly pleased:

    ^Graphic is constantly at this level and she dances to the tunes quite seamlessly, amazing SEGA, just amazing.

  8. Abu Dhabi
    Abu Dhabi
    ( ^o^)/ oh yeah, that girl! i have seen her before on many "selling Japanese wares" cites!
    have heard her sing one song, "I Will Go 500 miles" (or whatever that song is called~), and she sounds cute~

    ( ^o^)/ i think her little blond friends are adorable! they're like cool Mid-Bosses, ya know?
  9. zyta
    Holy Hell Shinku! Another reason to get a PSP has just arrived. That gamne has bought my soul when you mentioned taking any MP3 and using it in the game itself.
  10. Shinku no kage
    LOLS, yeah. C'mon man, just go and get a PSP...is what I'd normally say but I just remembered reading an article on the supposed "new" PSP on the rise. You might wanna wait til that's out and grab the "old" PSP for a reduced price. (you can always pick up games up for it later...which isnt entirely a bad idea for major titles as they'll be on the PSP-The Best list at a reduced price) You're also probably end up spending $$$ on the PSN (PlayStation Network) on game additions (characters, items) and on the game archive. I'm still saving up for a new Memory Stick so that I can get FF7 off of the PSN, the game takes up nearly 2GB.

    I havent tried the custom stage edit in the "Hatsune Miku - Project Diva" game yet...I'm afraid that I'd never put my PSP down til I've perfected the stage. Theres sooooo many things to do yourself. Designate the icons, including the timing, place of appearance of them than theres choosing Miku's dance movements. YES, you can actually decide her overall dance movements too!!! Than theres deciding the camera works....(@_@) Just thinking about all the stuff to do is hectic!! orz

    ...with all this going on I'm still looking to buy a new game. >XD Kinda hard since I'm on a tight budget this month. Trying to narrow it down to one of the following: Disgaea 2 PSP, Fantasy Golf Pangya PSP, Fate UNLIMITED Code PSP, Monster Hunters PSP

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