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  1. lapislazuli
    Thanks a bunch.
    You haven't even started yet? Tsts. I thought everything will be over when I'm back.
    I'm not sure if I'll be able to participate next week though, since I'll be leaving again this saturday. I have internet and I will take my Wii with me, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to go online there. We'll see. :P
  2. Soshi Kitai
    Don't worry about it - who knows: It might not even happen next week. Since the following week after that is Abu's b-day.
    ... depending on how my two-week shopping spree for Abu goes (started this week), I may or may not be able to have time for next week.
  3. Sazuka
    I'm back too.

    I'll be 20 next week!

  4. Shinku no kage

    ..and here we thought that you'd gone and found a life. (@v@) And congrats on almost turning 20.

    Oh, and you should enter Soshi's Mario Kart Wii tourney, we're lacking participants:
    Mario Kart Wii Tourney

    So far we've got me, zyta, Abu, Soshi, and maybe lapis. So yeah...did I mention Soshi has PRIZES ready? (=v=) *unless he changed his mind*

    I'd get Legend to join but...he's been gone for some time now. (-_-);
  5. Soshi Kitai
    Prizes still ready.

    ... Yay Sazuka's turnin' twenteh! The big two with the zero thing!
  6. Sazuka
    Okay a few problems with that.

    1. I don't have Mario Kart.
    2. I haven't touched my Wii since I got an Xbox 360.
    3. I is poor baby!
  7. Abu Dhabi
    Abu Dhabi

    ( ^o^)/ mah birfdae is the in the week after next! ! CRAZEH!
    Leo Power~
  8. Sazuka
    You can buy me booze! YAS.
  9. Shinku no kage
    Weird, thought you did...or maybe it was Sazzy? (@_@) I'll take the 360 off your hands so that you can go back to the Wii. LOLS
  10. Cinlilly
    :D Back from the cruuiiiiiise.

    :/ I missed home.
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