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  1. Legend
    Sorry folks, was just testing something out xD
  2. Ochi Gate
    Ochi Gate
    "I'm too sexy for my face" wtf?
    and of course, Legend coultn be a part of something without posting a picture of a chick.
  3. Sazuka
    Aw. I'm touched.

    And not in a dirty way.
  4. Legend
    I can explain, there's a dimension limit on uploading pictures and that was on my comp that match the dimensions...so yeah.

    And welcome sazuka, this place was becoming a sausage fest.
  5. Sazuka
    Well you can't be sexy without giant boobs... so yeah.
  6. Gekkou
    Uhhh Sazuka! Do you have giant bOObs? X3 I think Legend dose XD *hides*
  7. Sazuka

    Obviously... *cough*
  8. Legend
    I have a B cup until I start bench pressing again v_v
  9. solking
    ewwww a B cup... moobs are really bad aren't they?
  10. anime_8000
    Sazuka is a woman. Woo where have I been..jk. I wouldn't call myself one AO sexiest people but, I would call myself a handsome devil.
    @ Sazuka: Out of curiousity just how big are they.
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