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  1. Cinlilly
    Right so the AOHT is like... the RRRR? Really Retarded Religious Robots. :]
  2. Legend
    Luv: Thanks! xD

    Cinlilly, you got 3 out of four right. We are really retarded robots.
  3. Cinlilly
    :V ho ho, that group doesn't sound like a place where I'd fit in.
  4. Sazuka
    Soon there are going to be too many groups and we won't know what to do.
  5. Cinlilly
    I already think there are too many groups and I already don't know what to do.

    DJ SAZZY, HAAAY. Interesting songs, btw.
  6. Sazuka
    Hey, I try to play things on AO that no one's ever heard muwhahah.
  7. Cinlilly
    *w* I love MGMT's Time To Pretend. It was the opening song to the movie 21 (which RAWKED, btw) and so I got the soundtrack for it.

    xD; but yeah, all these other songs, I've never heard them before.
  8. Legend
    Hopefully we can get more listeners some day.

    I hope I can do a live show one of these days.
  9. iluvmyloser
    Well announce when you are going to do one because my Winamp finally loaded.... : p
  10. Legend
    lol maybe before I leave this site. Cuz I have listen to other streaming radios before online and some people were able to have two dj's at once (different locations), on top of that they were able to fade in and out of music easily, something that winamp can't do.
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