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  1. iluvmyloser
    Why are we talking about blood?! Blood is not Sexy. Whipped cream is...but not blood.
  2. Cinlilly
    Exactly! Whipped cream > blood .
  3. Sazuka
    But blood tastes better!
  4. Ochi Gate
    Ochi Gate
    I could see a little blood, as in it could be a plausible turn-on. but guts? lost me there...

    hey, does anyone have funny college stories? or good things not to do to a newbie about to start his freshman year?
  5. Sazuka
    Depends, what are you going for?
  6. Legend
    biting and stuff is fine, to see blood xD

    Watch Ochi's going to get raped at his first college party HA! wake up and be like, "why is there a dude next to me"
  7. Cinlilly
    >_< I still have another year until college so please spare me the rape stories, Legend. -_-'
  8. Sazuka
    "Why does my butt hurt and what am I doing in this baboon cage?"
  9. Legend
    You ladies just got to be smart about things. I remember my first year taking a tae-kwon do class, and the teacher told us about a guy who wrote a self-defense book. At one point, the author was a RA at a dormitory. One night he saw a girl walk out of her room to head to the restroom. The author was able to follow her from her room to the restroom and back, and the girl never noticed (cuz she had her guard down).
  10. ketaro
    Cinlinlly just don't go partying hard and you'll be fine. College is to learn not go partying hard and whatnot to begin with anyway.
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