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  1. Cinlilly
    xD When I look at that picture, to me, they don't look gay at all. They're simply very happy friends taking a shower together. XD

    ... well one's happy as he's butt raping the the other, but... :/ In a sense, I think they're both enjoying themselves.

    ;] sorry, solking.
  2. iluvmyloser
    xD "one's happy as he's butt raping the the other" Right..


  3. Cinlilly
    Waaazzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap .
  4. Abu Dhabi
    Abu Dhabi
    who here needs money??

    **raises hand vigorously**
  5. iluvmyloser
    I could always use some^^. Cinlilly...Did you draw a heart there?? Omg....*ahem* Do you have anymore?? JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!! Ok..just kidding...people take stuff seriously these days...
  6. Cinlilly

    and lol iluvmyloser, no I didn't draw the heart there, I found it like that. ;/ I don't have anymore. xD
  7. iluvmyloser
    It's ok...That's gross to see anyways......They can do that in the privacy of their own showers XD
  8. Legend
    Well I'm about outta here for the site. Still going to be lurking and leeching the gallery, but that's probably it. I want to give the heads up out of respect, that's all.
  9. Cinlilly
    iluvmyloser: xD you guys are too innocent.

    Legend: :/ See ya.
  10. iluvmyloser
    Yes, yes we are ;] We're awesome like that too......and Legend...Byes..^^
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