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  1. Cinlilly
    .... could I buy them... and put them in a jar .
  2. Sazuka
    My friend has his umbilical cord in a jar.
  3. Legend
    Smart guy, good for future diseases.
  4. Aya-kun
    Sorry for joining the clan late...
    <^x^>lll Sheep was away... for such a long time...
    Baa... *waves at everyone*
  5. Sazuka
  6. iluvmyloser
    XD Omg Sazu....Anyways....Hola...Sheep?? Should I call you Sheep or Aya-kun?? Hmm..I'll stick with Sheep until you tell me ok? Hola Sheep!!!! *waves back* ^^
  7. Aya-kun
    Dear Sazuka-san

    What's wrong? <OAO>
    Is this clan restricted for animals (particularly sheep)? <OAO>

    !! cries !!

    Dear iluvmyloser,

    You can call me Aya-kun or sheep... Whichever you like. <^v^>/
    Nice to meet you. I believe I've seen you around here before. (Laughs)
    Anyway, is there a shorter name I can address to you?
    If that's all right with you. <^-^>lll
  8. iluvmyloser
    Rachel ^^ But ok I'll call you sheep...and it's not restricted as long as you are a Sexy sheep XD.
  9. Aya-kun
    Hi, Rachel.

    Sheep is sexy once it takes off its wool. (Laughs)

    .. It just hit me.. This clan is called 'Sexy Clan'.

    How did sheep ended up here and who invited sheep!? <OAO>!!!
  10. iluvmyloser
    Hola! ^^The Clan leader maybe? Hahaha Wool....I have to take pictures....Special day= special dress
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