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  1. aeonking
    Is the pic you put up what you wish you looked like Legend. XD
  2. Ochi Gate
    Ochi Gate
    if that's anybody's saying, its my friend (we call him the Pedo or Duche) he's all the time telling us "how hot those chicks are" and when we look over at them, there like in jounior high (we're seniors)
  3. ryomakurosaki
    Wow so you do check out little girls! I am ashamed!! Lol I have friends like that too but most of them tell me check out girls which is TOTALLY WIERD for me!! I am like ...no thanks hun'. Lol of course 99.9% of them are guys who tell me to do it XD
  4. Ochi Gate
    Ochi Gate
    no no no, we dont even know who he is talking about until we look and see that they are way younger than us.
  5. ryomakurosaki
    Yea..sure XDD Kidding I am messing with ya ^^ lol I believe ya Ochi ^^ ohh..what was the topic before I got weird ^^"
  6. aeonking
    The topic before was about arnold, and if he is sexy to other women. lol
  7. ryomakurosaki
    Ahh...who is that? >.< I am sorry I don't know who you guys are talking about
  8. Ochi Gate
    Ochi Gate
    . Arnold Schwarzenegger
  9. ryomakurosaki
    Hhaha him? I wouldn't want to do anything with him >.< Sorry but no. He is cool but ahh I couldn't...eww
  10. anime_8000
    hey...huh what... what i miss folks i'm clueless here
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