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  1. Shinku no kage
    LOLs, yay~ all hang out. LOLs, hope that your town doesnt have oranges Sazuka...apparently Abu's town has oranges as does mine. She said Soshi has some apple though. Man, if you guys are gonna be over I need to get a haircut. LOLs, I tried it out today and well....lets say I didnt like the results. XD

    @Legend: The game is 50 and with the mic its 70. (Just the mic is 20 so either ways its the same)
  2. Legend
    Dang I should have had picked it up when I was target today then. Stupid place didn't have the toilet tank flap that I needed. :/
  3. Abu Dhabi
    Abu Dhabi
    i didn't forget about Sazuka! just said we needed Legend to have the whole gang! Soshi, Sazuka, Shinku, Legend, and the one and only Abu!!

    ^o^ teh awesome!
    and yes, let's wait until Shinkz gets the mic!

    ^o^ Soshi and me also got coconuts if you guys want 'em!
  4. Legend
    But is the game even fun?
  5. Abu Dhabi
    Abu Dhabi
    if you like friends, hanging out, catching fish, collecting bugs, designing clothes, building snowmen, making kick awesome houses, drinking coffee, making constellations, and over all having a relaxing time away from everything...

    ^_^ then yes, it's lots of fun! plus, ALL THE COOL KIDS ARE DOING IT!
  6. Shinku no kage
    ...well we can still play without the mic, I can still chat via typing my messages. ^^; No need to wait tils I get it.

    LOLs, Legend just upped one of Shigatake's works in our pics. Nice b(=w=)
  7. Abu Dhabi
    Abu Dhabi
    well, Soshi and i can play almost anytime!

    especially since i'm probably sleeping over this weekend! yayz~!

    (am typing this on Soshi's new Metropolis of a computer...)
  8. Sazuka
    I has peaches!!!

    And I'm currently collecting pine trees for my Norwegian forest.
  9. Abu Dhabi
    Abu Dhabi
    oOoOoOoOo~!! Norwegian forest! sounds like fun~!! And magical~!!
  10. Sazuka
    There will be unicorns.
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