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  1. Sazuka
    Yah gotta prove you're sexy.
  2. Legend
    But doesn't Oppai just mean well endowed?
  3. Shinku no kage
    Speaking of which, how'd the hell did I end up in this group anyways? (@_@) "Sexy" is definitely NOT me.

    "Oppai" = boobs in Japanese, but I'm betting that you knew that. Xd Oppai = Legend's favorite.

    ~Borrowed this from AnimeSuki for you Legend,

    Now she's someone thats perfect for this group
  4. Legend
    How about something with kirche instead??

    I dont like this avatar :/
  5. Shinku no kage
    *Looks up to see who Kirche is....* AH, her...figures

    I havent had the chance to watch Zero no Tsukaima/Familiar of Zero as none of my local shops carries the DVD set...and I've put off online shopping recently as holiday season is hectic, for both shopping+shipping.

    Hmph, I looked through the entire Zero no Tsukaima Avy/Sig thread over at AnimeSuki and y'know what? NOT A SINGLE Kirche avy/sig!!!! Wow, kinda amazing in a sense.

    I guess I could make one for you if you'd like...no promises though, I have a hard time running GIMP on my PC nowadays so.
  6. Legend
    I haven't seen that show either, but I just like her

    None of your young girls with ridiculouse breastssss
  7. Shinku no kage
    ....hey, I'm not the one that actually creates the characters. BTW, I saw that you made the same type of comment in my recent uploaded scan. FYI, those gals are a few hundred years old at the least. )XD They're not human, they're "spirits", and they can take any form they want.
  8. Legend
    wow so mature is your section huh? xD MILFs

    see the comment hokage left for me guys on my profile
  9. Cinlilly
    lol you guys are weird .
  10. Sazuka
    Hahah, he knows you all too well Legend.
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