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  1. Shinku no kage
    Hm? No, no, no, you were right the first time Legend. I prefer gals that are younger than me, (Not too young though) doesnt mean I dont like gals that are older either though.

    *reads hokage's comment on Legend's profile* LOL!!!!!! *falls over laughing* As Sazuka says, he knows you too well Legend.
  2. Abu Dhabi
    Abu Dhabi
    *reads la comment profile*

    ^O^ hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~!!

    oh my...

    ^^ that's a wonderful thing to come back to!
  3. Cinlilly
    Lmao @ hokage's comment. XDD
  4. Legend
    One bee sting and all the animals are suddenly not your friend xD
  5. Cinlilly
    lol, I know the feeling all too well .
  6. Legend
    Cinlilly you wanna see the mosquito bites on my leg
  7. Cinlilly
    No thank you .
  8. Cinlilly
    8D I like Shinku's avatar!! <33
  9. Shinku no kage
    You're suppose to catch the bees Legend, not get stung. They sell for a neat 2500 bells....I think.

    @Cinlilly: Dont tell me, tell _gwenibe_ as she was awesome enough to make it for me. I havent made any sigs nor avys for quite some time as I've been lacking inspiration. T^T
  10. Cinlilly
    T^T Oh, I see. I shall be your inspiration. Now go, your creativity must be beckoning already. :B

    8D And ya, I'll go comment her siggy. C:
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