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  1. Legend
    @Shinku: Until I get my Kirche avy that is.
  2. Sazuka
    You know what's funner? Planting money trees that grow bags 30,000 bells. I SHALL NOT TELL YOU HOW TO DO IT. IT'S MY WAY OF CHEATING.
  3. Shinku no kage
    Awww, how's that fair for Legend, our AC noob? LOLS

    I'm gonna be nice and let the cat out of the bag, if I remember how to do it correctly...first, you need the Golden Shovel. To get: Bury a shovel and wait 24hrs and dig it out. (So you'd have to have 2 shovels to do this) Than dig a hole with the golden shovel and bury money in it and if you're lucky a money tree will grow.

    The chance that it grows depends on how much bells you bury. I believe for each 1,000 bell its a 1% chance to grow 3 bags of the amount buried. So in Sazuka's case she buried 10,000 bells and had a 10% chance of the tree successfully fruiting a profit. She got quite lucky.
  4. Sazuka
    Oh I didn't know it was a chance thing. Crap. I thought they always grew bells.
  5. Shinku no kage
    That'd make the game way too easy now wouldnt it? (Ofcourse if you have enough bells to spare than its totally worth the risk. I dont remember what the maximum amount that grows was though. I THINK 30,000 bells is the highest that will grow so you can get 90,000 bells for a 30% chance)
  6. Soshi Kitai
    ...So wait... you're saying that if I planted 30,000 bells, I'd have a good chance to get 90,000 bells?

    Sweet! Thank goodness I'm loaded! I'll remember to use that next time on AC.
  7. Sazuka
    You can only hold 99,999 bells so I don't think so Soshi.
  8. Legend
    yeah but you can pay your mortgage, woohoo Abu gave me a golden shovel so I'm gonna start planting moolah tonight!

    so wait you bury your original shovel, take it out and put money in the same hole? Btw how do I plant money into the ground? T_T;
  9. Cinlilly
  10. Abu Dhabi
    Abu Dhabi
    you click on where your money is, and a little bubble will come down and ask if you want 100b, 1,000b, 10,000b etc. and then in will go into one of your pockets. then, you stand next to a hole, click the money and choose "bury". Or just drag it to your character and he'll bury it automatically (as long as you're next to a hole).

    ^_^ but you don't bury money in the same hole where you got a golden shovel, you can bury it anywhere you can plant a tree... it needs a nice spacious area, not too close to anything (i.e. other trees, buildings, cliffs, river, ocean etc.), with plenty of sunlight (so not behind anything or in the middle of a group of trees).

    ^_^ if you want to be sure it's a good place, you could try chopping down an existing tree, and replacing it with a money tree... but you'd have to plant a new regular tree somewhere else, you know, to be nice to the environment!
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