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  1. Shinku no kage
    If 30% is a "good chance" for you than yes, you just may end up with 90,000 bells...that, or nothing at all.

    If Abu already gave you a GOLDEN shovel than you dont need to bury a shovel any more as you already have the gold shovel. Now just use the gold shovel to dig a hole than bury some bells in there. Again, the max amount you can get is 90,000 bells (3 bags of 30,000) when you bury 30,000 bells for a 30% chance.

    Also, another money making tip: Turnips. On Sundays look for the boar(?) and buy turnips from her. White turnips are like stocks (actually, thats where they come from as the Japanese word for stocks are "Kabu", which is also the word for white turnips) So its a play on words. She sells them for 90~130 bells each and she sells them in a bunches of 10. You can then later go and sell them to Nook for a profit depending on how much he's buying it for. Personally, I say NEVER buy from Joan (The boar lady) when she's selling for more than 100~110 bells as its really hard to profit after spending that much.

    White turnips only last 6 days or they rot. (So basically you have to get rid of what you've got before the next Sunday) Otherwise they rot and are only good for drawing out insects.

    She also sells a seed of a Red Turnip that you can buy for 1000 bells. You can make a so-so profit if you're willing to put time into growing it. After you plant it you MUST WATER IT EVERYDAY!!!! I think it hits its highest selling price of 15,000 bells after 15 days from the day you planted. Cant really recommend this method if you're not gonna be able to play AC everyday...like me, I lost track after the 3rd day. T_T

    Sorry to leave you in this clutter of Animal Crossing talk. XD
  2. Legend
    Cinlilly is to busy getting turned on by the guys that get a haircut at her place :P
  3. Cinlilly
    @ Shinku: It's okay. I have no idea what you guys are talking about. lol

    Oh and Legend is too busy lighting up and taking 'care' of his crackbaby. c:
  4. Legend
    @_@ gov'men came and toook my bayyyyybeeee
  5. Cheza
    Okay okay! I missed everything! Who's getting turned on by who? (or what? Honestly! I don't judge!) ^_^
  6. Cinlilly
    XD Welcome Chezaaaa .
  7. Shinku no kage
    I'm almost feeling sorry for making this group of Cinlilly's an Animal Crossing discussion place. ^^;

    ...it almost making me think of seriously considering making an separate AC player social group.
  8. Cinlilly
    xD hahaha. Don't worry. This group was created for whatever discussions come up. d(=w=)b
  9. Legend
    Fine, let's talk about me then. :P:
  10. Shinku no kage
    ...such as what?
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