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  1. Soshi Kitai
    goddammmiiit... I always friggin cry when I play that darn Elite Beat Agents Stage...


    ...stupid friggin... I can never get a perfect score on that thing because of it!
  2. Abu Dhabi
    Abu Dhabi
    Soshi says we can get married when "we are financially independent and stable"...

    >_____________< ... BOO!! marry now!!

    but... he's right...

    ^O^ so Sazzy's better be the best damn wedding ever!! ... until ours, of course!
  3. Cinlilly
    xD A friend of mine posted something on 4chan and they somehow were able to figure out his number and now he's been getting like these weird calls from all over the nation. XD
  4. Shinku no kage
    Calls from the people of 4chan!? Now that'd be a living hell. >XD

    Awww, why is Abu in a rush? Soshi just wants to be sure that you'd be happy no?

    Dude, dont remind me of that stage. (T^T) Its hard enough as it is. I havent gotten anywhere since I got to the Elite Beat Diva levels...its f'ing crazy when you get up there. I cant even imagine the next difficulty. )Xd
  5. Sazuka
    My ex posted my number on 4chan... I got phone calls for like a month of "DO U LIEK MUDKIPS?"

    Though I did talk to one kid who lived in Florida for 30 minutes about how Mudkips aren't even that interesting of a pokemon.
  6. Legend
    Good ol TumbleDry?
  7. Shinku no kage
    Are you frikking serious Sazuka!? That was your number!? LOLS, J/K. I've never been on 4chan so...(I really havent, never really have a reason to) But wow, that sucks. Y'know....cuz Mudkips suck. >XD (Hopefully our "conversation" isnt gonna stray into Pokemon from AC)

    ...but than again, Pokemon is still a pretty good game. Note I said "game", the original anime was good...in JAPANESE. US Dub...well, we all know that 98% of US dubs SUCK.
  8. Legend
    Yes, payday tomorrow!!! If my check is small you guys will here about a company wide massacre.
  9. Sazzy
    ooooo and when I quit my job as a waitress you can hear me yelling out "Yes I F***ing left that S*** hole and I am FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE "
  10. Shinku no kage
    LOLs, congrats Sazzy. *clap*clap*clap*
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