1. lessaangel
    So Sailor Moon Right??
    its a good anime show to bad it got off air
  2. The Dragon God
    Yea I really enjoyed the series! It was one of the 1st anime shows I seen back in the day. I still miss that show and I was looking for the episodes online, very hard to find. Name's Caleb btw.
  3. Halo
    i used to watch sailor moon, and i got to say, sailor moon or her other name was really H-O-T HOT!
  4. megagirlzero
    I miss the show as well I only got to see 3 season and I like bunni from the beginning anyone else like bunni or better yet who was your favorite sensei
  5. Siege
    I love Sailor Moon! I was so sad when it went off the air! I own the complete series though.
  6. Halo
    isn't it role playing tho? we should probably get started on that *sweat drop* sorry
  7. SailorMoon36
    this is my 1st anime too i miss it so much i was sailor moon for halloween lol xD
  8. PrincessAnime
    sailor moon inspires me so much. i draw her all the time, i can draw her perfectly and exactly how she looks shes so awesome. i did a project on Naoko Takeuchi, the creator of sailor moon of course! she did her hair in odango style (2 buns) for good luck! lmao and good luck indeed!
  9. Animedoll
    So sailor moon? One of my favorite anime character .. I have a life size fabric doll been customized as similar as Sailor Moon.. Anyone wants to see the photo can send me msg.. I wouldd like to share with you guys..
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