Scorching Anime

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  1. scorchrocketlauncher
    Lets start things off with who ur favorite characters are for any of these anime series.
  2. Vincent
    Yu yu hakusho: I would probably pick yusuke, just because he acts all BA all the time. He thinks he knows it all and has the fist to pound anybody he thinks is wrong.
  3. scorchrocketlauncher
    Yea he's always up for opening up a can on somebody. My fav for yu yu hakusho would be Kuramba, because when he transforms into his former self, he indestructable in my opinion, it sucks though he is unable to do it whenever he wants.
  4. scorchrocketlauncher
    What about dragonballz Vincent?.......................................... ................................
  5. ILoveUzamakiix77
    This is the type of Group I Was Looking For , Pure Anime All The Time..Yu-Yu.Hakusho - Kuwabara..his spiritual sword attacks are real cool and even though he was the weakest..he eventually became a top fighter.
  6. scorchrocketlauncher
    Yea I wish they would have used him a little more though. He had some awesome battles in the dark world tourniment. His disputes with Yusuke brought a spark that no other series has.
    I believe that if Kuwabara keeps training then he and Yusuke will battle out one heck of a battle...just for the heck of it.
  7. ILoveUzamakiix77
    yea they coulda made the show even more of a hit..but if they brought it back. and made it that these few years they were training. it would make its way back to the top of anime shows. especially for the suspense of seeing new moves and new graphics towards the show. i would love for them to bring it back
  8. scorchrocketlauncher
    Well they are bringing back Dragonball Z and its called Dragonball Kai!
    But before you get tooooooo excited, all it is is a remake of the dbz series but this time it is remastered and recut with modern day technology......
    Ya know, I could be going crazy or something, but didnt they just start making a "digitally remastered" dvd set for Dragonballz? I myself have spent hundreds of dollars in collecting them and now they come out with this, Dragonball Kai......
    So I think to myself....They must be on drugs
  9. ILoveUzamakiix77
    they should juss make a whole new series..with gohan as gokus age and goten as gohans age and goku as master roshi's age and master roshi dead...plain and simple..and like idk..make new enemy's..another saiyan out in the universe who loved broly and now wants to avnge his death like sumthing of that sort..i would go nuts over it.!!!
  10. scorchrocketlauncher
    I would like to see an other world martial arts tournement, with strictly the saiyans, based like 100 years later with people like Raditz and Nappa as super saiyans.
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