The shinigami relm

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  1. i Bankai
    i Bankai
    Welcome all to the Shinigami relm every one please join and leave a post about you and what manga u read
  2. blissnoma
    i love L i cryed the day he died..........oh and right now im reading "Vandred"
  3. i Bankai
    i Bankai
    yea i was mad how they ended the series by killing light
  4. yinyangAio1
    yeah...but I liked the series while it lasted! They did kinda end it badly but I don't decide when to end it so I'll just enjoy the stuff they did give us!
  5. i Bankai
    i Bankai
    yea ur right so wat show are watching instead of death note
  6. yinyangAio1
    well...I'm currently watching diamond daydreams because I feel sad so I'm watching something sad...
  7. i Bankai
    i Bankai
    i never hurd of it and how is it? also thank you for joining
  8. yinyangAio1
    No problem...I enjoy talking to people. And Diamond Daydreams is awesome if your into sappy love/heartbreak stuff like I am now with crap that's happening...
  9. i Bankai
    i Bankai
    o nice i dont think i would like it are u into bleach at all?
  10. yinyangAio1
    yep...inuyasha, bleach, blood plus, negima, love hina, you name it and I'm probably into it...
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