The Silent Assassins

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  1. Wasted
    Hey all im glad u all could make it.. This is basically a clan where we operate silently, And in the shadows. This clan have differents rankings which will be told to u upon request or entry.. We have missions, And objectives that must be completed with agility, precision, accuracy, mericlessly and done only with the time given to us and not a second later.. Failure will result in ur immediate demise.. Any questions feel free to pm me...
  2. awesomeparty12
    sneaking up silently on wasted i pull out a kunia and stick it up to his thraot so am i good enough
  3. The End
    The End
    Sneaking up Silently on awesomeparty12 I hit him with my Gentle fist technique applying enough Chakra to leave him Vulnerable
  4. awesomeparty12
    as he went to hit i quickly jump to the side "hey you have to be better than that to sneak up on me"
  5. tokini
    hits both on heads and appears in front we are assasins not naruto ninjas....* sigh *oh well
  6. kimihiro
    sounds like this is a nice place^^
    it's always fun to think about assassins...
  7. AnimeMindfreakCross
    Yo I'm new here and I want a mission bcuzz I'm bored so can you have one for me by the end of the buissiness week it'd be great
  8. Wasted
    Hey all i send a friend invite to you all i hope to get to know you all better and if you are rpers feel free to join my rp quest to the wastelands.. have fun and thanks for reading...
  9. 01marth
    Hm assasins well assasins do have to be almost like ninja but not all the way for Ex. their assasins creed now that the way of assasins n part two as well
  10. Wasted
    Sorry I been away for a while.. lol @ Tokini. Kimihiro it truly is I hope you enjoy it.. and Cross pm I'll give you a mission.. and Marth Assassins rules lol
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