Sleeper's society

  1. shegramariealexandria
    anyone is welcome to join and chat and dont start stuff with others drama needs to be kept to a minimum
  2. Forgotten soul
    A group I can relate too ^_^
    Taking it easy and enjoy the simple things,
    That's the life,
    But it doesn't hurt to have the finer things in life.
    As long as we take it easy.
  3. forgottenshadow
    I agree with you, Forgotten Soul ^.~
    Taking life nice and slow, and as simple as you can. Don't rush otherwise time will find itself to bite you in the ass *chuckles*
  4. neko nathaniel
    ya.... i love to sleep lol but even when u relax time flys by really fast... like one time i toke a nap at 3pm and it felt like i just fell asleep and it was 6 pm i was like wth man lol
  5. kaki tori kaizoku
    now this is my kind of group, im known for my long naps, proably sleep half the day away.
  6. Forgotten soul
    I once fell asleep on the bench while I was working lol,
    Nobody woke me up for our break.
  7. tokini
    i once fell asleep around 10pm and woke up at like 1 in the afternoon. i usually sleep from 12 to 10,but thats all going away when school starts
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