Sonic Fans!!!

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  1. Hypercat2000
    Hello anyone who joins, hope you have fun and talk about sonic and friends.
  2. ccamo
    I love sonic! it is one of the coolest little kids anime ever!
  3. Hypercat2000
    yeah, i know!!!!! My favorite characters from sonic is Silver the hedgehog and Blaze the Cat!!!!!
  4. Saiyan lover
    my favorite are Shadow and Knuckles.
    i like Knuckles because he's australian (like me!) and enchiladas are australian animal.
    Shadow because he's a bit misunderstood, in the Sonic Adventures 2 he is.
  5. Hypercat2000
    I also like Shadow because he is awesome, he has skates for shoes!!!!
  6. Blue Wolf
    Blue Wolf
    Sonic would probably be my favourite of the characters, it's a blast to go running at sonic speed in the games, I find games where the hero doesn't move with much speed to be somewhat frustrating. XD
  7. Hypercat2000
    Sonic is a good character, he is fast, i like games you can move fast in too because i am very impatient.
  8. kaki tori kaizoku
    i like knuckles the most but, sonic is fun and super fast/
  9. Hypercat2000
    Knuckles i have to say packs a pretty powerful punch. Does anyone here like Omega?
  10. garhett
    hey who has played the newest sonic game were he is a beast and super smash bros. brawl sonic is sweet
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