The Soul Society

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  1. katsoyori33
    Konichawa everyone. Im a veteran. YES! First post! lol.
  2. Shingo Kusanagi
    Yo...I'm a new addition to the group.Shingo Kusanagi,19 years old,Anime/Manga drawer...Yoroshiku.
  3. chaosbreaker
    Hey katsoyori-kun, kusanagi-kun, thanks for joining the ranks
  4. Shin Ryuga
    Shin Ryuga
    Hi, I'm Shin Ryuga..... 19 years old... and i like to blow the crap out of stuff, i love explosions
  5. chaosbreaker
    LMAO, well then you'll probably want to learn incantations to blow stuff up XD Anyways thanks for joining
  6. tongtong2822
    Hi ,I'm Tongtong ,I like anime very much ,I hope my life with more magic things .
    and glad to see you guys!
  7. chaosbreaker
    hiya tongtong, thanks for coming to the soul society. So has anyone decided if they think they got what it takes to be a captain?
  8. MyBankai
    Hiya I am a New addition to the group. I am 19 and I love anything Anime!
  9. chaosbreaker
    Well it's nice to meet you, what exactly is your name MyBankai?
  10. i Bankai
    i Bankai
    hey im i bankai most of u no me nd i new also does any 1 have XBOX live
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