The Soul Society

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  1. Dragon Chaser 29
    I'm Dragon Chaser 29 I was just surfing the site I'm a huge fan of Bleach.
  2. naruto_4893
    hey ther all my name is naruto i''ve been here for a wile and i like bleach a favorit is yuraichi
  3. Sweetz
    i love Bleach n i like Yachiru-chan so i joined this group...^^
  4. NeoDeath90
    Hilarious picture. Truly it is. ^-^..............................
  5. seraphim
    hmm, so few in here, hi, i'm new XD

    i run a bleach RPG site too muwahaha, this groups are cool
  6. redjoker
    hey and yo to all my name is redjoker i like bleach and how the story is going in the show and manga.
  7. RayneXNightSun
    my name is Rayne NightSun i would very much like to join
  8. captinpit
    I'm ****en pist off at the world. but yo to all that love bleach and like bleach
  9. hanyougirl2010
    Yo! Name's hanyougirl2010. I haven't watched Bleach very much but I love the show up til what I've seen.
  10. pegelaar
    bleach yeah there is no better way to spend a day by just wachting bleach :O
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