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  1. kaki tori kaizoku
    that's a hard question gwenibe, its hard to narrow it down. can i narrow it down to a series.

    my top 2 series:
    final fantasy- they have always set the bar high. creating a unique world for each game, with great characters, wonderfully designed envirnoments, and soundtracks, and of course final fantasy are master storytellers. they really did a lot of firsts through this series.
    fav. game of ff: ff-10 and ff:12

    dragon quest- they figured out what works, and they are staying true to it, never really changing their style. got to love those monsters. besides i grew up watching dragon ball so, the familar designs, were great.
    forgot to mention what i've played.
    DQ: vii, DQ IV, dragon quest monsters: joker
    fav game: DQ: iv

    as u can see i am a big fan to the old timers. i grew up with games, and i still continue to play them we, as gamers owe alot to these big titians. could you imagine if they were never made, i don't think the rpg world would be the same.
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