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  1. carasume
    [COLOR="LightBlue]Hiya pplz, if ya are writin any stories ya cn tell about them if ya wantta [/COLOR]
  2. death13
    Hey. I'm writing a new story called the Avenger. I've only written 2 chapters and I'm thinking about turning it into an amature manga. Sound cool?
  3. Sarentai Kyoukan
    cool i like stuff about revenge bwahaha! .but drawing a manga's gonna be a bit hard though , dont you think ?
  4. Halo
    i like books that have romantic and vampires in it (no not twilight, it SUCKS!) plus action
  5. carasume
    hey halo, if ya like vampire and romance.. stuff like that therez this series thats calld Vampire Diaries, itz title iz wierd,(i think it iz) but i think itz a good book series
  6. KawaiiKieanna
    Hello everyone. I just joined the group. Um, if it's alright for me to answer, I have a story called His One-Winged Angel and Hidden desire. And not to offend anyone, but they are yaoi, which mean Boy X Boy, or boy love.
    His One-Winged Angel is about Sephiroth and Vincnet from Final Fantasy 7 and Hidden desire is about my own characters: Kyome and Demon Kyome.
  7. blackrose762
    cool stories mine's about a girl that finds out she's a demon and is sent to a school for demons but doesn't know it yet.
  8. Sebastiansotherhalf
    hello...i just found this group and i didn't know people like you wrote. i've written exactly 4 books. three of them are of one series, and the 4th book is the longest one i've written. but it's another series.
  9. Blair13
    Ah, I like the idea of a story of loss and pain that ends up in a sweet resolve. I like the ideals of hardship and even the development of the characters. Be it anime or a regular book, I love it all.
  10. animeboi12
    hey im writting a story called Daddy Ventus
    if you like kingdom hearts
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