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  1. Blair13
    Kingom Hearts is enjoyable. :3 Though I must say that the games can get annoying at times. >.<
  2. carasume
    hey, i kinda need characters fer my new story paweeze 8T (omg this is like my 10 new one) DX aaahhh! i gotta finish my other ones but im to lazy i only finished one which i need to fix, like change a few names- but back on to the characterz. can any ov ya help me with some characters like name, bio, personality.... stuff like that paweez? i have major writerz block rite now XP
  3. Rebichi
    Hello. :3
    I'm actually working on a brand new story as we speak. I'm having a little writers block actually. So I'm just taking a bit of a break. The story is called Tears. It's about this girl, who promises herself that she would never let herself cry. She has so much confidence without realizing it, but she knows that she is breaking down slowly. That is, until she meets this one guy. ;D That's all I'm giving out. :3
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