1. dale15
    ok l am writing a story about a boy named zack that finds out he has been going to school with monsters and he found out the girl he saved from the fire when they were younger was a vampire she told zack that he was now her champion zack was like ok then he met gino's group regan and zack got into an argment zack said whatever when he met back up with karen the vampire she said you have to fight for me to complete the ceremony to be complete so zack fought regan and karen took zack to meet her father the principal of the monster school he told zack he didn't like him then zack and karen got in a fight and karen said you are no longer my champion and zack started to feel bad so he went outside and met mikey the ice girl and since she has powers of ice she is afraid to cook zack helped her cook and told her what happened between him and karen and since zack wanted karen's teeth marks off of him mikey had to turn him cold then he left and saw karen and karen almost had zack killed
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