Come back Air Gear!! =,(

  1. voldiaran
    Many of you mite know Air Gear stopped making episodes while back because lack of interest. We need to spread Air Gear around so they bring it back! I heard they had a OVA series and some other stuff in the works lets hope they will get the show back! whats your opinions on the show maybe coming back? and any updates you find on anything air gear feel free to post them here! ^.^
  2. Buccha
    Man I would love for Air gear to come back Since I myself aggressive inline. I stumbled apon it I was like wow I love this. Whats not to like about skating and having fun? lol
  3. voldiaran
    so true. i dont skate myself i skateboard not inline though but always wanted to try. my cousin does he loves it. ya heard its probably coming back at some time. there was a guy who made a patent to make real air trecks but what it would take to make them was too expensive at the time i think they could get up to like 20 25 mph if i remember but hey could always be in the future right ^.^
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