Whos you fave character?

  1. voldiaran
    Sooooooo! who is your favorite Air Gear character? or characters? i will start if off mine is Agito! fang king FTW! lets find out yours ^.^
  2. Buccha
    my favorite character is obvious buccha lol. I love the way he says "Buccha special wall ride 18 double 0.m >: D
  3. voldiaran
    buccha is my second hes dope! tank wheels pwn haha. my bro and some friends all picked who wed be from air gear and im buccha :P
  4. xXSadoYasutoraXx
    I would have to go with the fang king agito. He is just so cool and this outfit rocks.
  5. silvericeman92
    favorite character is definalty Bando Mitsuru that dude is insane
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