Tetsu Maru

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  1. Zerosan9000
    Welcome to Tetsu Maru all lets keep the conversations flowing smooth k and add some pics of peacful things k
  2. mere
    Hey Zero i joined ^^.....peacefull sounds good to me ^^
  3. Zerosan9000
    hey there glad you joined so name a peacful place so we can start this conver
  4. mere
    a peaceful place......not sure i know one...lol ^^
  5. ryomakurosaki
    Ohh I feel at peace now ^^ lol I love the pictures ^^ They make you seem at ease.
  6. Zerosan9000
    well that only means im doing my job thanks ryo
  7. gamemaster331
    Great pictures and thank you very much for the invite.
  8. gaarasandkiller1
    Tetsu maru sounds like a zambakto name :P but i like it here so far^_^
  9. mere
    u really think so...... it actualy translates into pure peace or perfect peace or something to that extent.... not positive tho..^^
  10. Zerosan9000
    it does sound like that now that you mention it lol
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