Tetsu Maru

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  1. Zerosan9000
    sorry folks i have been missing huh
  2. death2all4
    Well anytime hinata I'm always here if you want to talk see you when you get on.
  3. mere
    ok sounds good to mew naruto... and z it's not your fault but yah u have and it would be nice to have u on once and a while
  4. Zerosan9000
    lol i stop by every now and then and im glad to see u brought a new friend baby lol
  5. mere
    hickack? (hamtaro emotion) a new friend oh him he he he yah we've been friends now for a while he's a great guy inst that right naruto ^^.. and hii u should stop by more often so im not board when im aat school like such
  6. Zerosan9000
    yea i kno sorry il try to get on here more i wish i had a comp class this year id sneak on but grrrr i had to sswitch it for boring history T-T
  7. mere
    awww how come u had to switch it to history? and it would be cool if u did hve a comp class then we could talk and i could answer ur e-mails on my spare or during my comp class
  8. mere
    this chat group is quite odd now, me and Zerosan made this group meaning perfect peice but hes my ex now so yah ^^" just kinda weird when i look at our old covos
  9. Kiani Haki22
    Oh my you and him are broken up ..Wow I wasn't expecting that .. Well I hope everything is going great in your life right about now! And it is weird reading apart of my life that I no longer live ... I am a new person :]
  10. mere
    yah we have been for like a year now kinda odd huh, after two years it seems weird to be without him when im on this site but well no worries everything is alright and really is it good that you no longer live it then, or?
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