Tetsu Maru

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  1. Astaroth
    beautiful scenery pictures
    love them!!
  2. Zerosan9000
    not quite as beautiful as you but yea there good thankyou
  3. Kiani Haki22
    I was checking out the group.....and I like it so I joined....I love the pictures so peaceful.
  4. iluvmyloser
    I love the scenes, so quiet... =]
  5. Corvus
    Peaceful and nice, I'll see if I can get some of the pictures I got in prague on here. (That'll require a different computer.)
  6. Zerosan9000
    you are all welcomed to put up some pics too as long as they bring your mind peace post them im curious to kno lol
  7. Corvus
    So, this whole idea of my computer being a wanker and isolating my picture files is really quite annoying. I'm going to have to invite my friend over to rewrite some things so that I can get at the pictures back up important files then do some reformatting.
  8. Zerosan9000
    lol wow wat happened to it does it just not like you lol
  9. Corvus
    That and, it belonged to my computer unsavvy father who put stupid programs on it that gave it viruses and such and then blamed me for getting viruses from internet sites like this one. When it's his stupid lime wire bear sharing... I'm not going to finish that thought... GRR That's all I have to say is GRR freaking URR!
  10. Zerosan9000
    wow but i kno how it is to be blamed for everything cuz i get that too only in one class tho but im too cool to get in real trouble just get the look and told no excuses lol
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