Tetsu Maru

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  1. mere
    hello frozen rose ^^ .... wow this is becomeing a rather large group ..isn't it ? ^^ im gald...
  2. EternalRain
    Hi hi everyone i'm Naima but i go by Nami but you may call me whatever you'd like or pleases you ^^ I'm glad to be in this group looks like its fun!~
  3. full blooded virgen 666
    was up yall im johnny some of u alredy know me and thos who dont im always looking for new friends so ya GO NEJI
  4. Zerosan9000
    ok welcome nami and johnny (this 50 char thing is anoying)
  5. mere
    Hello johnny ^^ glad u could join us..... and welcome nami
  6. Kiani Haki22
    Hey John...welcome to the group I am glad you'd joined the group.
  7. EternalRain
    Thank you Zero and Mere!!!~ ^-^ and welcome to you Johnny!~ <3
  8. Kiani Haki22
    oh welcome rain didnt realize you join......sorry.........well welcome to the group hope you like it here.
  9. Corvus
    best group on AO for serenity.
    Welcome to the new people (I'm sorry, I'm too lazy to figure out who you are...) It's one of my major character flaws. You'll either get used to it or, make me your new worst enemy. For now however, Nice to meet you all.
  10. Zerosan9000
    lol corvus trust me you arnt the only lazy one here *looks at mere*
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