Tetsu Maru

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  1. mere
    yah he he he *smiles and sticks out tongue with kiani then looks at Z on the ground and starts to help him up*
  2. Kiani Haki22
    *smiles* yeah he cnat stay down there forever..............lol
  3. mere
    *grins playfully* yah if he stayed on the ground the whole time there wouldn't be another chance to knock him down again..lol jk ^^ that would b mean..lol but i could still bring him to his knees that would b pretty cute ^^"
  4. Kiani Haki22
    *laughs* yeah it would, hmmm maybe I should no never. I wont hurt him not now at least lol.
  5. mere
    lol ok then that's good to know^^.... *turns to Z* u hear that u better watch out lol
  6. Kiani Haki22
    ^^ yeah I guess so *laughs* hmm Idont z is paying any attention.
  7. mere
    lol nah he's not *smiles* but when he does figure out what's going on he's gona b like wow ..lol he he will b kinda amuseing tho ^^
  8. Kiani Haki22
    *laughs* yeah to know that I am plotting against him. Muahahahhaa I mean hahahaha lol.
  9. mere
    *giggles* yah.... what is it that you plan to do to him..exactly..?
  10. Kiani Haki22
    *grins evilly* That is for me to and him to find out later *laughs evilly* I mean....yeah
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