Tetsu Maru

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  1. mere
    lol...*laughs with you my eyes burning red* he he he he she's gona get u Z
  2. Kiani Haki22
    *laughs* lol yeah I am going to get the person that never responds.
  3. mere
    *nods head slightly* yah that's right.... but he hasn't been on since two of his PD days ago when i told him to come one so i could talk to him quicker while i was at school and him at home so im not sure when he will come back on... cuz that's a pretty long time ago
  4. Zerosan9000
    O. O
  5. mere
    lol wow...clueless u actualy came on...lol cute....
  6. Kiani Haki22
    lol he did, wow.....now he seez my evil plan...what shall I do now *kicks him down* hehe
  7. mere
    wow it's really quiet here now meh probably my bad for no adding to the conver.. just i don't think u should kick down my hubby like that he might not like it tooooo much he he he lol ^^
  8. mere
    wow for someone who created this group Z isn't on a lot.. nor is anyone else... and im talking to myself ....that's fun .. so much for perfect peace eh
  9. death2all4
    Why would you want to talk to yourself you have me and genma.
  10. mere
    ha ha ha idk he he he hello i would rather talk to u then myself im boring but u guys are cool welcome and thank you for joining he he he ^^
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