For those who want Halloween to be year round

  1. ccamo
    Everyone is scared of me today. I have on a gray emo dress, gray leggings, black eyeliner that looks like tears, black lipstick, a scar on my neck where my character hung herself, black guantlets, my hair is black and orange today, and I have black sandals on, black goth earrings, and black eyeshadow. I think I look hot! OMG! I'm so tired of ppl calling me fat.
  2. ccamo
    hello people! We really need to start a subject to talk about.
  3. blackrose92
    well....does anybody
    want to say
    anything lol??
  4. lessaangel
    If anyone heres this i wish it was halloween!!!!!!!!!!
  5. secret lover
    topic:what to do next halloween....kind of like drink blood or watch horror movies.
  6. Elocinixcz123
    nice pics, secret lover!... I really like the combination of red and black.... n_nv
  7. lessaangel
    Secret love love those pics!!!!!!!!!!!
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